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Please feel free to put down your opinion of my work. Thank you.


Os hoffech sylwadu ar fy ngwaith, gadewch nodyn i mi. Diolch.


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  • Delyth Vaughan Rowlands (Tuesday, November 08 16 11:38 am GMT)

    Dwi wedi gwirioni hefo gwaith Olwen o'r tro cyntaf i mi weld y gwaith yn Steddfod Meifod a gan Daloni yn Cwt Tatws. Symlrwydd a chynhesrwydd cwbwl effeithiol a deiniadol. Mae'r casgliad yn ehangu bob cyfle posibl gennai...mae'r jygiau "pethau bach prydferth" newydd eto yn hyfryd o syml a chwaethus. Diolch

  • sue jones davies (Sunday, September 18 16 08:36 pm BST)

    newydd gweld eich gwaith yng Ngaerfyrddin...mae fe'n wych.
    Gobeithio cael amser tro nesaf i fynd mewn am cip go iawn.

  • Menna Lewis (Friday, July 08 16 11:43 pm BST)

    Gwaith hyfryd. Wedi prynu tair jwg las gyda'r
    enw Olwen arnynt er cof am mam.
    Digwydd bod Kevin,gŵr Olwenyn yr ysgol gyda mi. Byd yn fach!

  • Jane rees (Thursday, January 22 15 09:33 pm GMT)

    Hi Olwen
    Love the website...I wear one of your brooches with pride...lots have admired it...I can point them to your site...Llongyfarchiadau!

  • Gwenda Easton (Wednesday, August 06 14 11:11 pm BST)

    Hi Olwen
    Gwaith cywraain iawn. Mae dy waith yn cyfleu cynhesrwydd carthenni Cymreig mewn modd tyner ac ysgafn. Llongyfarchiadau mawr ar greu stondin hynod o ddeniadol yn yr Eisteddfod - fe wnes ei mwynhau'n
    Pob hwyl

  • Jeannie Cottage (Wednesday, July 02 14 10:20 am BST)

    Beautiful, Olwen. I love ceramic work - have no talent myself in that medium! You've captured the whole Welsh blanket thing - I love the stitching - of course! Brilliant. Hope you do well in the Tywi
    Valley Open Studios.

  • Julie Westmore (Friday, June 06 14 11:12 am BST)

    I saw your work at the Job's Well Campus on Wednesday - I loved it! I would like to visit your studio to buy a few pieces. I will be in touch to arrange a date.

  • Jen Coates (Tuesday, March 04 14 05:36 pm GMT)

    Hi Olwen
    Wow a fab website I love the lichen slate vases and the blanket tumblers.

    Love Jen xx

  • Sue Day (Wednesday, December 25 13 03:50 pm GMT)

    Hi Olwen,

    HAPPY CHRISTMAS to you Kevin & Gethin,

    Wow great ceramics!!

    We donated to Glos Wildlife Trust & the Rufiji Leprosy Trust in Tanzania instead of sending Christmas cards this year.

    Hope you are all O.K. we are fine.

    With love Sue, Gary & the dogs xx

  • Olwen (Tuesday, July 16 13 06:53 pm BST)

    Dear Kate
    Thank you for buying my cup. I hope you get a lot of pleasure from it. I cannot reply directly to you as the guestbook entries do not give me the email address. If you would like me to contact you
    directly, please use the 'Contact' menu, leaving your email address. 'Hen wlad fy mamau' literally means 'the old land of my mothers'. There is further explanation in my 'Artist's Statement' menu. My
    work celebrates the role of women throughout the years.

  • kate mills (Tuesday, July 16 13 09:22 am BST)

    I bought you mug at Aberystwth. Can you tell me what the words mean inside.
    Hen wlad fy maman

  • Judy Kershaw (Tuesday, June 18 13 02:22 pm BST)

    I love your slate fence. It is this feature which says 'Wales' to me more than anything else. I hope it wont be long before I see them 'in the flesh' again.

  • King Street Gallery (Monday, June 03 13 01:06 pm BST)

    Thank you again to Olwen and the group for putting on such a beautiful exhibition. Was very popular with some positive comments from many visitors to the gallery. Will look forward to seeing you and
    your work next year!

  • King Street Gallery (Thursday, April 18 13 10:29 am BST)

    Stunning work and simple, clean website. We're looking forward to seeing the exhibition in May!

  • Charlotte Leadbeater (Thursday, April 18 13 12:01 am BST)

    lovely work, so more images would be good? Like your website though, contemporary, clean and clear.
    Its alot of work I know but worth it. Good luck with the show next month

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